• Are you stuck in the same spot as you were MONTHS ago with your cake business?
  • Is 2018 your year to accomplish every cake business goal you have yet have NO clue how to make that happen?
  • Want to double your cake income and create a booked solid cake calendar yet not sure how to make that happen? 
  • Is your cake business like a ghost town - clients few and far between?
  • Do you need my eyes on your business to tell you exactly what you need to fix to get your business back on track to double your income or triple the prices you currently charge?

Well - I can tell you this, you can fix this. And I am here to help make that happen. 

I’ve invested over $100K being an entrepreneur on personal and business development and about half of it involved personal one-on-one coaching with the best coaches in the industry to help catapult my businesses to the next level. 

After working with several Cake Designers in my paid programs for years and operating my own cake business, I know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to do to quickly change your actions so you are getting the results you want. 

During our 1 hour together, we will move mountains and get a TON done in your cake business so you know what’s in your way of your success, what action steps to take, and how to quickly transform your business and get the support you deserve. 

This is the only way for me to personally guide and help you in your cake business. 

For one hour we will spend time over any area you are struggling with , need my guidance, and create a clear game plan crafted for your cake business.

I will tell you exactly what you need to do to get the results you are truly looking for, get unstuck, and know how to take action. 

How does it work?

Submit your payment below to sign up for coaching. You will then be directed to sign up for your calendar session to schedule your time with me, how to connect to our, and how'd you like to spend your session with me. 

If you are ready to MASSIVE results, then I am ready to get you there ASAP. 

Investment: $125

If they can get results, so can you!