How to find Funds to grow your Cake Business


I think I had maybe $1000 or so in my saving account.


And I decided I was going to quit my working for Apple, move to Toronto to study cake design, come back and start my cake business.

Annnnd….I needed $35,000 to do so.

Welp, it was time to put my thinking cap on and figure out how I was going to fund my dreams because I DID NOT have $35,000 sitting around.

Everything can think you are kind-of nuts when you are wanting to shell over a ton of money to get your business off of the ground.

And a lot of close people in my life thought I was crazy for going after my dreams.

After investing over $100,000 total in being an entrepreneur over the past 5 years, I do know that it takes money to make money.

If you are wondering how to take your cake business to the next level and need some serious dough to make it happen, here are a few ideas to consider to fund your business to catapult your success! 

First, be 100% okay with getting outside sources to fund your business.

A lot of people may not have $35,000 - $100,000 laying around to fund a business. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find the money. Borrowing money is normal to get your business off the ground.

Once you wrap your head around knowing that it’s normal, you start to allow different ideas for how you can fund your business. 

Whether, credit cards, business loans, personal bank loans, friend/family loan, crowd funding…..these are ways where you can easily make the money instead of relying on selling your cakes to finally invest in your business.

Borrowing money helps you build your dreams while becoming business owner you need to become who has a successful business you really want. 

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Next, How much do you really want the money?

Some designers are interested in building their business while others are 100% committed to growing their business.

There’s a difference.

Earlier this week, I asked in my Facebook Group, join here, if they had $1000 to fund their business, what would you spend it on? And tons of designers wrote their responses.

Truthfully, you can manifest $1000 right away if you really wanted it badly enough, when you have the right money mindset, and belief in place to allow the money to come to you.

Ever notice how you just NEED to buy something new for your cake business, or NEED a new pair of shoes, or NEED to buy something for your children to help them succeed?

Regardless of what it is, when you have a burning desire to pay for anything in your cake business, the money will show up. 

If not, the excuses that come up are blocking the money from coming in. 

Lastly, Have a plan for the money you want.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made was foolishly spending my money on cake crap that is collecting dust in an old Trader Joes bag sitting in my garage.

When growing your business, wisely choose how you will spend your money and how the specific tools and equipment you are buying will increase productivity, help you manage your business better, make more money, take your cake business to the next level.

Cute cupcake liners, 200+ sugar cookie cutters, random character cake pans, 101 super cute sprinkles do not help make you more money. 

They just take up more space in your already too tight cake storage situation.

Be extremely clear on your purchases and your money will go further than you’ve thought!

When I made up my mind I was going to make my dreams my reality, the money pretty much flowed into my life because I was determined to make my business work.

Don’t worry about the money. (easy for me to say right?)

When you are super worried about money, I bet your money situation gets tight, you don’t have enough, and you aren’t making enough.

Put your dreams FIRST, be 100% committed, and the money will show up.

Trust me, it works every single time.




Jealous of that Cake Designer? How to Handle


About 3 months ago, I was doing my usual Facebook scrolling and I stumbled upon a post and for some crazy reason, I got super jealous of this cake designer. 

Now, I am 100% aware that there will always be cake designers more talented than me, which I am perfectly okay with. That doesn’t bother me at all. I have bigger fish to fry.

Instead, this situation was a business millstone they achieved. As for me, that same goal was still on my goal list that I haven’t acted on yet…let alone achieved. 

So I decided to investigate why I was jealous of this cake designer. 

And I quickly identified that cake designer designer to act of her goal and make it a reality. While for me, I didn’t do ANYTHING to make it happen. 

ah, here come the excuses. 

There are some things that i know i am fully capable of doing and achieving in my cake business but I had an entire slew of reasons why. 
1. It wasn’t the right time yet. 
2. I don’t have the money.
3. I have too much on my plate. 

Being jealous is healthy for your personal development. (yes!)

Being jealous usually uncovers what area you are ignoring within yourself that another cake designer fully owns.

You are witnessing exactly what you are fully capable of achieving yet you are choosing NOT to go for it. 

There are tons of cake designers who’ve decided to stop charging low for their cakes and now freely and easily charging $1000+ (yes thousands) for their cakes. 

There are tons of cake designers who created some pretty crappy cakes and now make the most beautiful cakes. 

There are tons of cake designers who have a booming and successful business after YEARS of struggling financially to make ends meet.

If you know you have some excuses as to why you have’t experienced the success you’ve wanted, how bad do you really want your life and business to change?

The cake business you keep working towards is 100% within your reach but it will require you to become a different person to have a different level of success. 

When you realize that cake designers who have the success you want aren’t that different than you are, you take them off the pedestal and hustle for what’s yours. 

No one is more talented than you, or has more of what it takes to win in this cake world.

You are capable of having the business you want, charging the prices you want, and building the business of your dreams. 

Is now the time to go after it?

Stop spoon feeding yourself reasons why you don’t have the business you want. 

When you are 100% ready to leave your excuses in the dust and to exponentially grow your cake business to new heights, I am here to help you achieve that. 

The doors for Cake Marketing 101 are now open and is here to help you experience the business success and growth you’ve been dying for this year. 

I’ve helped cake designers have $10K months now selling their cakes, it’s possible for you to have the same amount of success too. 

You have to let me guide you to make that happen. 

Cake Marketing 101 gives you exactly what you need to completely transform your cake business, consistently charge the prices you want and have a booked solid cake schedule.

Commit today to the results you WANT - not the results you already know how to get. 

Cake Marketing 101 will give you all the tools, strategies, and game plan to set your business up for success for the rest of this year. 

Now is the time to truly get the cake business you want.

Inside Cake Marketing 101, you will:

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