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You may have known that a few months ago, I traveled to D.C. to go study with Maggie Austin for a few days and I wills say it was AWESOME!

But here’s a little secret…I knew almost all of the techniques she was teaching before taking her class.

I already knew how to make ruffles, gum paste roses, blossoms, hand painting, etc.

But I decided to go anyway because I needed to learn from someone who was BETTER than me as a designer.

One thing I feel can trip up a cake designer is feeling they are good enough with their designs and have no need to practice on becoming better.


When I started to get back to basics and learn how to become a better cake designer, my confidence started to grow again because I was strengthening my skills and my craft.


Which is how you get better, charge more, and become more confident in your business.

In today’s episode of Cake Talk TV, I cover how to become a better cake designer that I know will give you a different approach for how you can increase your skills. 

The techniques I share in this episode are exactly what I used to grow my cake business as well and charge more for my cake I normally don’t talk about…anywhere.

Click below to watch the newest episode of Cake Talk TV: