Thank you for being a Cake & Success Group Moderator!

Thank you for taking your time to help make the Facebook Group an amazing place for all the other cake designers. I created this page to help you understand what posts are not allowed. (which is easier to know what posts are allowed!)

Group Moderator Guidelines and Expectations

  • Approve/Delete Facebook Posts 
  • Dismantle Commenting for Posts that are out of control
  • Promote the Group Guidelines when necessary
  • Approve/Delete Member Requests (OPTIONAL) with legit businesses and filled out the entire request questionnaire. 
  • Be helpful and support inside group! 
  • Request to remove a member from the group. 

Kristina/Admin Responsibilities 

  • Approve/delete member requests
  • Educate and enforce group post guidelines
  • Dismantle Commenting
  • Approve/Delete Facebook Posts
  • Intervene group situations - Keeping the Group Integrity in tact.
  • Officailly kick Group Members out the group.

✅ Special Notes:

  • If a conversation gets out of hand, turn off commenting. No need to explain why unless you want to inside the post. Just turn off commenting and keep it moving.
  • If you aren’t sure if a post is allowed, just keep it in the pending area and I (Kristina) will decide if it’s approved or deleted.
  • ❌ No need to engage in private PM conversations with group members about why a post wasn’t approved, deleted, or dismantled. Have them contact: 
  • 🤔 If you aren’t sure about anything, just send a PM to the group moderators and we will help you out!
  • If you have a suggestion for the group, just send a PM to the group moderators! 
  • 👉🏽  I (Kristina) do not have Facebook PM on my mobile device. I can only see my private messages when I am on my desktop. 
  • 😧 If you feel like you may be in the position as the bad guy in the group, get me involved. I have no problem being the bad cop.

🍰 Posting Cakes

All cakes must be posted on the group cake threads going forward. Do not approve photos of cake orders unless it is on the weekend cake thread. Week threads are coming, keep you posted. 

⛔️ 🙅🏽 Posts Not Allowed⛔️ 🙅🏽

  • Promotions of any kind
  • No Complaining, no rants, no dissing business, no complaining about customers.
  • Pricing Questions of any kind. Even if it says, "This isn't a pricing question." when it is a pricing question.
  • Any Posts with Customer’s Name. 
  • Text Message/Email Threads
  • Making fun of other businesses or cakes. 
  • No Convos about box cake/scratch cake
  • No “How Can I improve this Cake” or “This customer complained about this cake, what do you think?”
  • No Shared Posts from Business Page. (Like Page is at the bottom)
  • No Spamming the group with multiple cake pics back after back.
  • No Like Ladders. Like/follow my page and I'll like/follow yours.


Last Updated: 10/17/2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.57.45 PM.png


PRICING QUESTION. (I directed the designer to a past sculpted post/search in the group for past pricing questions)

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.20.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.47.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.05.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.06.53 AM.png

⬅ Reason to not Approve: 

Asking for advice for how to improve. (Creates drama)


⬅ Reason to Not Approve:

Customer Name in Post. (Someone in the group reached out to this customer and told them the designer thought they were a fraud and the designer found out.)


⬅ Reasons to Not Approve:

Shared from Biz Page. No comment to promote engagement. Like button at the bottom. 


⬅ Reason to Not Approve: