To truly grow your cake business and have the BEST 2019 in your business, you need to nail these down to get the success you want:


1. Have a game plan together to have a booked solid cake business. More Cake Clients come when you are committed to a strategy that works.

2. Knowing where to find better paying clients who will pay the prices you want to charge and how to get them to book their cakes with you. 

3. Turn your cake tastings into paying clients for every customer you meet. To book more cake orders, you need to book more cake orders at your tastings.

4. Confidently raise your prices! You can’t make more money by selling cakes at your current prices. You neeed to book more cakes AND charge more for your cakes. 

If these 4 strategies aren’t mastered, you keep experiencing the same kind of results over and over again in your business. Never taking your cake business to the next level. 

If you want to MASSIVELY grow your Cake Business, you need to book more clients AND Raise your Prices. 

The more Cake orders you book = the more money you make.