Back in 2011 when I started Perfect Pralines, my first candy business, I was selling my dad’s candy recipe. 

I was living at home with my parents, laid off from my corporate job, and needed to “do something with my life”. 

My parents were nicely breathing down my back to either get a "real job" or SELL THAT CANDY. 

So I took my candy, packaged it up, and sold candy boxes to everyone I knew.

Since then, the Holiday season is my BIGGEST season of the year. 

I triple my monthly income during this season alone. Plus I book wedding cakes for the next year as well.

We all have cake businesses, selling wedding cakes, birthday/anniversary and so forth. However, I’m a big believer in capitalizing on every avenue of generating sales for business. 

This is how you generate consistent income and not just rely on cake orders.

If you haven’t thought about Holiday Season 2016, I highly recommend that you do because you can really double/triple your income. Inside Double your Bookings & Master your Cake Consultation Workshop, I give you exactly how I use this strategy throughout the entire year. 

1.  What can you “easily” sell + mass produce

Cupcakes, candy, small cakes…..these are perfect items you can massively produce in large quantities and get out to your customers. The holidays are busy, with tight deadlines. Think about what you can easily sell, quickly bake and turn around to your customer.

2.  Holiday Flavors

The holiday’s are special and your flavors should reflect something that is limited edition. What can you creatively bake using this season’s flavors? Pumpkin, Pecans, Peppermint, Apples, Gingerbread….whenever you make something that customers cannot get during any other time of the year, the sense of urgency rises and they want to experience every flavor of the holiday spirit.

3.  Plan ahead.

Now, if you haven’t already, is the time to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas Products. Create your flavors, photography mock-ups, advertising, and getting the word out about your holiday promotions.  Buy your ingredients and packaging way ahead of time and know your ordering cut-off times. Proper planning ensures you won’t go crazy during the actual baking preparation. 

4.  Get the word out!

No one can buy your products unless they know they exist. Now is the time to massively get your holiday products out there to your current audience AND new audience (you need new people to buy your products to GROW). You roughly have 1.5 months to cash in this holiday season and your advertising results = your profits!

Use this season to really get your business out there using techniques every company uses during this season. Spread the love of your baked goods around which will BOOST your sales for the following year. 

My Free eBook, My Top 4 Strategies to Double your Cake Orders gives you a step-by-step formula for how to truly book more consultations, more orders for your business, to attract new clients into your cake business.

During this holiday season, sell your limited edition baked goods and book more consultations so you have a Booked Solid Cake Calendar. Use this opportunity to double your income (or triple!) when you implement the strategies given in my Free eBook, My Top 4 Strategies to Double your Cake Orders.

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