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Don’t you love social media and how it’s free to advertise your business and book your cake orders?

But then while we have social media to advertise and spread the word about our cake businesses, it still doesn’t allow us to reach our ideal clients fully.

What do I mean?

Paying to advertise your cake business on websites where your ideal clients frequent insures you to instantly reach the clients you want to work with. 

Which allows you to reach clients who may not find you on social media and who are looking for a specific, professional cake vendor for her BIG event. 

But, how much should you pay to advertise your business on paid sites?

Well, you want to sit down and think about the return on the investment. A lot of cake designers are hesitate to pay a site for paid advertising but you have to think outside your paycheck.

If you pay $125 a month to advertise on a website monthly, yet book 4 orders selling cakes over $800 each, it’s definitely worth the investment right?

When you are thinking about paying to advertise your business on a website, think about the customer who uses that website. Is it your ideal client? How many people use that website on a monthly basis? How much will she spend on her cake?


Then think about if your business is exposed to so many MORE potential clients month by month, how many orders will you book?  

You have to think BIG when advertising your business instead of thinking you won’t get a return on an investment. 

Start small with your advertising budget, but on a website where your ideal clients shop. Then test out the site for about 3 months. Talk with the advertising rep and ask her questions about their readers, costs, trials, etc. 

Then invest to advertise your business. If you want to reach better paying clients and book more orders monthly, clients must be able to find you.

The more visible you are online, the more they will see your business and want to do business with you.

Most of the time, you aren’t booking as many orders as you’d like because people just don’t know you exist. 

You have to exert effort to have MORE people seeing your business, talking about your business, referring business to you, and loving your business. 

Clients don’t fall out of the sky, you have to get your business out there for them to find you!

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Doubling your cake business is possible for you, but you need a strategy to book more orders.

The more orders you book, the more money you make, the more people talk about your business, the more reoccurring business you will have!