Even the smallest tweaks will make a HUGE difference in the type of clients you will attract. 


You start to feel more confident about your cake business and the direction it’s heading.

Here are some small tweaks you can use right now to attract better paying clients. 

1.  Enhance your cake photos on your website. 

Your website should have the BEST photos of your work hands down. And if your photos look budget, taken with an iPhone, poor lighting, it can make your business look….cheap. Get a photo editing software and clean up your photos!

2.  Fancy up your Menu

Your menu should feature your BEST cake flavors already in pairings. Fancy up your menu by taking out flavors you don’t like to bake and use better descriptive words on your new menu. It’s all about presentation and the way you describe your flavors. Trust me, this works.

3.  Incorporate YOU in your cake brand.

This worked wonders for Aspen Charm Cakes. I decided to become the face of my company and not my cakes. Customers fall in love with YOU and your cakes. That’s what makes selling so much easier. See how you can incorporate YOU in your business any way you can. This 100% makes me stand out in the Denver Metro Area.

4.  List your prices.

While some cake designers list their prices, some don’t because they are afraid clients running away. Let your customers know before they even contact you what your prices are. This will ensure clients who will pay your prices book with you and saves you time!

These 4 small tweaks will work wonders in your cake business right away and if you want to fully attract better paying clients, then the Cake Biz Boost Bundle will surely transform your cake business. 

The Cake Biz Boost Bundle is jammed packed with so much awesomeness to stand out from your local competition and book more cake consultations immediately.  

Cake Biz Boost Bundle Includes:

  • 10+ Booking Strategies 4-part Video Mini Course
  • Mini Course Workbook
  • Create your High-End Cake Website Guidebook
  • Weekly Planning Worksheets
  • Monthly Goal Setting Workbook
  • High-end Cake Menu Cheat Sheet 

This bundle ALSO includes my latest eBook: 10 Secrets of a High-End Cake Business.

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