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So let’s really talk about it today.

How to handle being broke in your cake business. 

Honestly, I think every successful entrepreneur has had a tough moment in time when they were broke as a joke. 

And I had my fair share moments of being broke when when I was getting my current cake business Aspen Charm Cakes & Pastries off of the ground. 

Let's take a look....

Living in Toronto attending cake design school, I lost weight because I couldn’t afford to eat 3 decent sized meals daily. (Already being already thin as it is.) 

Last year in 2015, I had a mental break down with my cake business because I couldn’t handle the volume and my cake business DRASTICALLY suffered for 6 months and my cake business was my only source of solid income. 

I almost got evicted from my apartment because I didn’t have the rent money.

I had to sell my extensive, valuable, and highly sought out charm collection to use the money to buy food and take care of myself.

I can share my other down and out stories of lacking money but I’ll save those for another day and quite frankly those days are behind me! No need to rehash money struggles. 

Here’s how to grow your cake business when funds are low.

1. Become Resourceful.

When money is tight, the mind plays terrible tricks on you where you think you will NEVER have money ever again in LIFE right? The quickest way to generate money is to become resourceful. What can you sell right now to make money?

You are a baker, someone out there is looking for some baked goods to purchase. Think about how you can sell something easy as cupcakes, cakes, candy, etc to bring in the dollars which then leads to point #2…


Look, if you want something, you have to go get it. I see TONS of cake designers in my FB community who talk about how people aren’t booking orders. While other cake designers are booking well into 2017 and even hustling for Holiday 2016. If you want the business, GO OUT AND GET THE BUSINESS. I even have 10+ ways to increase your cake orders in my Cake Biz Boost Bundle here if you haven't checked it out!

Business doesn’t just flop into the laps of those who don’t work for it. Business becomes easier after you’ve done the work to get the business in the first place. 

if you want your cake business to succeed, then you have got to get your buns out there and book the business. 

3. Be Grateful.

This one I had a tough time wrapping my head around because big time entrepreneurs would say to be grateful to make your situation change when I couldn’t find one thing to be grateful for. But I decided to give it a whirl and it works.

You have so much to be grateful for that you don’t even realize. From living in a home, to being able to read this email, there are tons of people who don’t have both. 

Everyday, make it a ritual to write at least 10 things you are grateful for and FEEL grateful. Your situation will change but only when you are grateful for where you are. 

4. Change your Mindset

What differentiates a cake designer who charges $800+ for her cakes and one who struggles to sell a cake for $60 is mindset. What you think about is what you become. You have to develop a mindset of wealth, money, and more than enough and this is something that has to be a LIFE LONG CHANGE. Not a temporary task. 

I tell this in my Facebook Group, my clients who sign up for my programs and please know, if you want your cake business to change, you must think like a successful cake business owner who makes money everyday. Even if you don’t have that business yet

You better front and start thinking and acting like it!

This is probably my most important tip of them all. Decide right now to change the way you think and never go back to thinking there’s never enough for you. Dedicate your life to changing the way you think to thoughts that serve you and will help you accomplish your dreams. This step will only serve you if you choose to take action. 

Pick up books such as The Science of Getting Rich, Think & Grow Rich, You Were Born Rich, The Secret, The Power, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and get busy reading. 

Don’t have time? Well then you have time to be broke…which is something I know you don’t want!

I hope this email was of great value to you to change your situation and prepare for a much better year

No matter where you are in your cake business, things can always be better when you make up your mind to have the business and life you want. 

If you are really ready to change your cake business and own a profitable and successful business, you will find so many resources inside the Cake & Success Business Library where I have TONS of amazing and FREE resources to help take your cake business to the next level. 

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Comment below, what's one way you generated income in your cake business when business was slow?