I have a confession. I am obsessed with my cake crushes. I look at their work and I’m like, “ooommmgeee her work looks soooo good.”

And then I think about my work. I mean, I believe I’m a talented cake designer and all. 

I know I have a lot of room to improve as a cake designer. 

But when I look at my cake “idols”, I want to copy their cakes and just STEAL their artistry.

So when I started to really hone in on my design skills and become a better artist, I started to copy other designers cakes.

I just wanted to be like them so badly. 

I wanted my work to look like their work. I would obsess over if my sugar flower looked just like her sugar flower. 

I would ask myself, “Why can’t my work look like hers??” 

Then it dawned on me.

I was trying to be a person I wasn’t in my cake business. Because that cake designer worked with the top notch clients, that cake designer is nationally recognized for her skills, that cake designer has thousands of Instagram followers….

I NEEDED to be like her.

Then I discovered, I’m not her. I can never be like her at all. 

When I started to incorporate more of ME in my cake business, in my cake designs and added more of my personality into my cake business, my business started to evolve and clients started to trust my abilities as a designer. 

Stop trying to be like the cake designers you follow. Stop comparing yourself to cake designers who’ve probably spent several YEARS being great.

See how you can:

  1. Add more YOU in your cake designs.
  2. Enrich your business with your personality and just be YOU.
  3. Showcase your BEST work by not copying off of another designer’s cake.

That’s when the high-end clients start to flood to you.

That’s when your business starts to take off.

That’s when your clients TRUST you to make cakes you drew yourself instead of a copy-cat/Pinterest Cake. 

And when you do, you can easily price your cakes exactly how you want. 

Perfectly Price your Cakes teaches you how to attract high-end clients who will pay those premium prices you WISH they would pay. 

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If you want your cake business to:

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  • .......plus so much more!