“What should I charge for this cake?”

“Did I undercharge for this cake?

“This customer gave me a photo of this cake, what would you charge?”

It’s not really fun not knowing how to price your cake is it?

You aren’t sure, you are clueless, you aren’t empowered to set your prices and feel confident to charge premium prices for every cake going out.


Instead, you need to learn how to price your cakes like a real cake business owner.

If you aren’t sure on what to charge, most likely you are undercharging for your work, have no idea what to charge, or how to charge premium prices. 

You have got to understand how to price your cakes so you are making profits, you are adding money back into your business, paying yourself extremely well, and you are growing your cake business.

Learn how to price your cakes so you stop undercharging and charge premium pricing for your cakes every.single.time.

Perfectly Price your Cakes teaches you how to charge premium prices in your cake business and attract better paying clients who want to pay the prices you want to charge.

If you are attracting budget clients, it’s because you have a budget business.

Perfectly Price your Cakes & Attract High-End Clients 8 - Week Course

Turn your business around in Perfectly Price your Cakes & Attract High-End Clients and STOP BEING CLUELESS about how to operate your cake business.

After working 8-weeks with me, you will:

When you go through Perfectly Price your Cakes with me, you will:

  • Easily and effortlessly charge $8 - $12 per slice for every cake you sell so you can feel financially supported in your cake business to finally grow your cake business.

  • Know where and how to attract the high-end clients you truly want to work with so stop attracting budget clients and only book clients who will pay premium pricing.

  • Finally know how to operate your cake business, knowing how to price your cakes, understanding your expenses and STOP guessing at your cake business.

  • Create a high-end cake business that only attracts high-end clients who want to work with you but also work with your high-end local industry so they refer their business to you.

  • Discover how to book more clients on the spot at your cake consultations so fill your calendar with committed clients and be on your way to become a booked solid cake designer.

  • Begin to charge at least $800+ for every cake order you book so you finally have money to transform your cake business from a glorified hobby and into a premium cake business. 

  • .......plus so much more! ....More to help you create your hobby business into a high-end cake brand.

Think about where your cake business will be in 8-weeks if you decide to commit to become a high-end cake business. 

Once you learn how to operate and run a premium cake business, you stop attract budget clients and begin to ONLY work with high-end clients. 

It starts with you understanding your cake business, knowing how to attract high-end clients, and becoming a high-end business.

This change starts with you. Perfectly Price your Cakes teaches you how to transform the way you operate your cake business once and for all.

If you have any questions about the course, email me back and I will gladly help you out.

I want to make sure you build a profitable business you absolutely LOVE!

to your sweet success!