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One thing you probably don’t know about me is I am a HUGE….let me repeat HUGE HUGE HUGE studier of the Law of Attracting and Manifesting. 

I’ll literally binge on Law of Attraction YouTube Videos day in and out. 

It’s just something about knowing I have the power to create my own reality, making it happen, see where I can tweak my process, how I can allow my dreams to manifest right before my eyes. 

Inside my cake business, I manifested some HUGE things…and it really wasn’t that hard. 

For instance, I manifested..

  • $35,000 to attend Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts and get my cake business off the ground.

  • Free Photoshoot of me and my cakes.

  • My first cake studio.

  • My Food Network/Cooking Channel Premier.

Honestly, It wasn’t that hard to manifest those HUGE experiences. I set the intention, took inspired action (which I didn’t know was taking action at all in most cases), and they just plopped in my lap. 

Little effort!

When I find myself trying really hard to manifest in my cake business, I’m deeply attached to the outcome and I have to make it easy for me. 

So in the post, I wanted to give you some strategies that have helped me manifest my cake desires that I know will work for you. 

1. Set your Intention, be clear, and let it go. 

Intend on EXACTLY what you want to experience in your cake business and get clear on exactly what you want. 

Then let go. 

Letting go is probably the hardest step in manifesting PERIOD. it can be so stressful, frustrating, and make you feel hopeless. But letting go works when I’m not even attached to the outcome. 

I think, “I would LOVE that!” then I continue on with my life and not let it consume my mind. 

2. Create a Vision Board.

I set the intention to appear on the Food Network Channel back in 2011 right when I got laid off from my job. I put the Food Network Logo on my first vision board and looked at it from time to time. 

Same thing with my first cake studio. I knew EXACTLY what cake studio I wanted and I placed the exact floor layout on my vision board. 

Get images of what you want for your cake business and place those images around your house where you will see everyday. 

3. Not need it to happen. 

This is all about letting go to the outcome. You have to be unattached to wanting it to happen. When you need something, you are creating a lack energy around not having it. Therefore, creating more lack in your life around that particular area. 

Which leads me into the next step…

4. Know it WILL happen. Make up your mind it’s a done deal.

This is where you need to trust that your desire is yours and it will come to you. No questions asked. Doubt cannot exist in your mind around what you want. 

Trust that a higher source is working with you and will help you get what you really desire. 

5. Take inspired action.

When I booked a free photoshoot of me and my cakes, I met the photographer at a networking event for wedding professionals. I thought it was a good idea to go, and it was kinda far from my house but I went along with a friend anyways to get out the house. 

At the event, I met the photographer and she told me she wanted to shoot me for free! I never mentioned I wanted a photoshoot for my cakes. It was that easy.

Prior to attending the event, I was looking for a way to feel good (I just broke up with my long term boyfriend then). So I was looking to make myself happy. 

Whatever your next step is to take action, let that step guide you and not force it. Don’t second guess it. 

And that’s it!

There are so many Law of Attraction/Manifesting articles, books, videos out there but those 5 steps have really allowed me to manifest pretty awesome things in my cake business.

What are you trying to manifest in your cake business right now? 

Comment below because I would love to know!

I hope this post has helped you to manifest your cake dreams!

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