I just thinking that I just wasn’t doing enough to book the cake orders I really need to turn a profit. 

And to really keep myself busy to justify having a cake business in the first place. 

Sure I had orders here and there but nothing to really say I had a booming business. 

I was trying to get my business out there but it just felt like nothing was drastically changing. 

Then, I decided to take a really hard look at what was I really doing to book more cake orders in my business. 

I got real with myself. 

And then I saw that I just randomly doing this, doing that, posting a cake here, telling a friend about my cake business there. 

I signed up for Wedding Wire, hoping that would catapult my business, but it wasn’t enough to fill my schedule with wedding cakes. 

If you feel you are doing enough to book more cake orders in your cake business, I want you do what I did before my business drastically changed. 

Grab a piece of paper and list off what are you doing daily, weekly, and monthly to drive revenue into your business. 

And just be honest with yourself.

Write down, how many consultations are you booking, how many are converting into paying clients, and how much are you booking per order. 

Got it?

Then, I want decide that you CAN double that amount. 

And commit today that you will create a game plan to get your cake business out there to drive more clients to your business. 

All it takes is a game plan for you to follow, raise your prices because you aren’t charging enough to reach your goals, and learn how to have a booked solid cake business. 

It’s that simple. Not easy, but a simple plan for you to follow. (If it were easy, everyone would have a booked solid business. #beinghonest).

Joining me inside Cake Marketing 101 will give every single strategy you need to become booked solid in your cake business, raise your prices, and give you every tool you need to become a high-end cake business in your local area. 

I’ve helped countless of cake designers who have gotten results. 

It’s time to say enough is enough and get the cake business you are dreaming about. 

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