One of the scariest things you can do in your business is to raise your prices. 

You know you need to charge more for your cakes because your current cake income just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

So, you’ve done the unthinkable and raised your prices. 

And now what? 

Your customers don’t like your new prices. 

The customers aren’t coming in like they used to. 

Business is down. 

Yet, you know deep down inside you want and need to charge more for your cakes, you’ve already raised your prices, so now what? 

The same thing happened when I tripled my prices in my cake business. 

After staying up late calculating that selling my cakes consistently for $5.50 per slice just wasn’t enough money, I got PISSED OFF. 

How was I supposed to financially support myself, spending more time designing cakes, and have NO money at the end of the month? 

I did not create a business to be a people pleaser and sell my cakes for dirt cheap or make enough just to barely get by.

I didn’t invest tens of thousands of dollars to charge pennies for cakes while others were making a living doing what they loved. 

But, the customers didn’t resonate with my new prices. 

But, I didn’t go back to my old pricing because I was sick and tired of not having enough money, working hours on a cake and having minimal profits! 

Before you doubt your new prices (DOUBT KILLS YOUR BUSINESS SO DON'T GO THERE), here’s what you need to understand:

1. Your Subconscious Mind must BELIEVE you can charge more. 

Your confidence about what you can do, be, or have originates within your mind and if you don’t deeply believe you can charge more on a soul level, you will continuously attract clients who will want to pay your old pricing! 

While you consciously think you deserve more, your subconscious mind is telling you, "yea right girlfriend! You aren't worth it."

Don’t just glaze over this step and think “ya ya Kristina, but what can I doooo? Where are they at?” 

You need to consistently tell yourself over and over and over again that you are worth more and you deserve more. You need work on your confidence on a daily basis until your reality changes. 

When you believe you are worth more, you charge more and get more. 

2. Stop focusing on what is happening. 

Yes clients are not paying your new prices. I get it. 

But take your reality as feedback to what your mind is attracting. 

And use that as evidence that you need to STOP focusing on what you see. 

You need to get a clear picture of you charging the prices you want and stop looking at your current results. Looking at your current results will get more of your current results.

Your mind must see a new picture so you can attract that new reality into your life. 

Do this daily, live in your new reality and ignore your current results. 

This takes POWER but this is how you change your cake business permanently. 

3. BE the cake designer who charges $8 - 12 per slice. 

If you aren’t charging the prices you want, act as if you are the cake designer who charges $8 - 12 per slice in everything you do NOW.

Not tomorrow, not when swarms of clients request tastings, not when you book a cake for $10.00 per slice, NOW.  

Would that cake designer worry she can’t charge $8 - 12 per slice? No, she affirms, believes it, and experiences it. 

Take out a sheet of paper and list all the attributes of the cake designer who charges $8 - 12. What does she think? How does she act? Does she complain? Is she anxious? Is she cheap? Does she sit around and just wait for clients or does she get her business name in front of NEW eyes? 

Then you must make it a commitment to BE that designer. Act as if you are the person you want to be and your reality will quickly catch up! 

I understand this can be difficult, but this doesn’t have to be at all! 

This is just a mental game you need to master. 

Don’t change your mind and go back to undercharging for your cakes. 

Build your confidence within yourself that you can and will charge the prices you deserve. 

Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what you think you deserve. 

Deserve better yourself and demand that from yourself.

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