Are you paying yourself in your cake business to design the beautiful cakes you are creating?!

If not, WHY NOT!?

You deserve to pay yourself for all the hard work you are putting into your cake business. There’s so much blood, sweat, and tears (of course not in the cake I hope!) you should properly pay yourself a wage from creating a cake from start to finish. 

I remember when I started my cake business, Aspen Charm Cakes & Pastries, how I was busy booking cake orders but at the end of the month, I didn’t have any money!

It was extremely frustrating because I really needed to financially support myself from my cake sales.

Inside my private cake community, I see TONS of cake designers practically giving their cakes away and I can immediately tell they are undercharging and not paying themselves. 

Running a successful cake business means you need to financially support yourself and your family! 

This is the time to look after YOU so you can keep your cake business and your life going financially! 

Permission to be 100% selfish! (well it’s really supporting yourself).

After I was tired of being broke, I got clear on how and how much to pay myself from my cake business. 

Use these strategies to start paying yourself in your cake business and begin to give yourself a paycheck!

1. While quoting your cakes, get clear on how long it will take you to design your cakes. 

I quote my cakes based on how many hours it will take to design the cake. I talk about this EXACT strategy inside my FREE pricing checklist that you can grab below!

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When you are clear on how long it will take to design your cakes, assign an hourly rate to design your cakes. Some cakes are easy, peasy. Other cakes take an extremely long time to design. 

Most cake business owners understand how fast, slow, long they work. If not, time yourself while working on your cake order so you can make a more accurate quote. 

2. Deposit your Paycheck into a separate account. 

Kristina s Portraits-Kristina s Portraits-0036.jpg

If you don’t have two checking accounts, get them! After you’ve determined how much to pay yourself in your cake business, actually PAY yourself and deposit that money in a separate account. 

This strategy will get you into the flow of paying yourself per cake and you can use that money for your personal life. 

The rest of the money should stay in your business account to keep your cake business running. 

3. Believe you DESERVE to pay yourself.

Cake designers whohave a hard time paying themselves can have the underlying belief they don’t deserve the money. That belief is keep you broke and struggling!! Let’s break that habit!

When you understand that you need to support yourself and your family in your cake business, you start to truly build your self-worth and confidence levels.

When you know you deserve to be financially support and you will also begin to raise your prices.

As I began to raise my confidence and understood that I deserve to be financially supported, raising my prices and paying myself became easier and easier because I demanded it from myself! 

Guessing at what to charge for your cake orders?

Still confused if you are charging enough for your cakes?

Do you know you aren’t charging enough for your cakes?

No worries!

I have a Free Cake Pricing Checklist that you can download right now and learn everything you need to learn how to price your cakes for Profits.

If you are guessing, you probably aren’t charging enough for your cakes. You can’t guess your way to success!

I want to hear from you! How do you pay yourself in your cake business? Do you have a different strategy?

Comment below!