I remember when I did my first wedding show for my business. It was in the BIG (I mean BIG!) convention center in Downtown Denver and I had no idea what I was truly getting into when I signed up. 

The day was CRAZY!

Swarms of brides kept coming to my booth, I was constantly talking, and while the day went by like a breeze, it wasn’t successful. 

I paid tons of money and I didn’t get anything in return. 

But, I learned lots of lessons to help you easily and effortlessly sell your cakes at wedding shows. 

1. Have a system to book consultations at the show. 

The #1 purpose of a wedding show is to book customers. Generally at these shows, the show participates are browsing and collecting information from various vendors. 

They are not in the purchasing mindset. 

Your #1 objective is to book cake consultations at the show so you have a filled calendar of cake tastings with brides you’ve already met with at the show. 

When the client comes to your cake tasting, you already have a great rapport with and the cake tasting should go smoother.

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2. Have a helper or two. 

You are the face of your business and you should only be talking, being friendly, getting to know the brides who come to your booth. 

Have a helper or two book your cake tastings for you, help distribute cake samples, give additional information, and introduce potential clients to you. 

You only want to focus on building a rapport with your potential brides and having a good time! Let your support, support you with helping the flow of your booth. 

3. Don’t worry about samples.

You will run out of samples. People eat more than one sample. Consider, do you even want samples at your booth?

Your #1 objective is to book cake tastings where they will eat a full sample of your cakes. 

Don’t expect a super small sample to sell your cakes! Just focus on booking cake tastings.

4. Showcase the work you want to book. 

This is your BEST opportunity to create designed dummy cakes that showcases your BEST work and work you want to reproduce. 

Don’t showcase cakes you aren’t crazy about or cakes you don’t like to make. You will attract the brides who want those designs if you show them those designs.

Only showcase the work you are absolutely in LOVE with and work you want to book multiples of in your cake business. 

This step may seem obvious but you may want to look at your cake portfolio and ask yourself, “Do I LOVE these cakes?!” If not, go back to the drawing board and design again. 

5. Be preprepared to invest in your booth. 

Take the time to sit down and think about your booth design. What’s the theme? What’s the feel you want to portray? What kind of bride do you want to attract?

From there, your booth needs to reflect the type of bride you want to work with and that means you need to invest money in creating a vibe that separates you from all the other cake vendors at the show.

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There are countless other suggestions I have to make wedding shows work for you but I believe these top 5 will work wonders for you. 

Do you have another suggestion for this list? 

I’d love to know! Comment below!.


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