Getting my cake business off the ground as a full time entrepreneur, I often found myself grabbing a one way ticket to the city of overwhelm, frustration, and late nights working on cakes. 

This is what I call, Entrepreneur Crazy Town.

I’m guilty of starting and completing wedding cakes less than ONE week away! 

*hide my face in shame*

I totally didn’t sign up for the life of spending every waking moment working on cakes, I wanted to have a life too!

Do you often find yourself juggling work, building your cake business, working on orders, styled shoots, family, friends, and time you want alone?

Trust me, it’s possible to change the way you operate your cake business and still have a life! 

Here are some strategies that can help you to change the way you operate in your cake business so you can make the money you want, build your business, and have a life outside your cake biz.

1.  Start working on your cakes 1 month out.

There’s so much prep work you can do for your cake business way in advance. Gum paste work can be done several weeks ahead of time. Make your buttercreams, fillings, and even the cake ahead of time.  The week of the order, you should be building the cake and doing design work ON the cake ready to be delivered.

2.  Mass produce your baking

When you have multiple orders in one week, triple your batches of whatever you are making to save yourself so much time in the long run. Invest in a freezer or another refrigerator to store your buttercreams, fillings, and cakes. Even items you consistently make over and over again, up your batches so you never run out.  

3.  Invest in more storing containers, bowls, and utensils.

Invest in commercial containers to hold more of your buttercreams and fillings to hold more. They are life savers! Invest in more bowls and baking utensils to increase your productivity.  The more items you have to effectively run your cake business, the smoother it will be for you to GROW.

4.  Buy in Bulk.

Obvious right? Well, at first it wasn’t that obvious to me but when I found myself always going to the store, I knew I would save more time buying in bulk. I invested in more storing containers to hold more ingredients to save myself more trips. Plus you save more money buying in bulk.


I love learning how to be more efficient in my cake business. Do you have a tip? Leave the tip below!