I want YOU to be an empowered, savvy, fabulous cake designer who runs a profitable, money making machine…doing exactly what you love…designing cakes.

And that comes at a cost.

That means STOP doing things you currently do in your business now to get the business you want.

On my 3rd go-around with creating a food business, I wanted Aspen Charm to really work. I wanted my new baby to be my full-time gig. But for the LIFE of me, it was struggle getting the business off the ground.

looong nights of working, not making the money I wanted, trying everything to create a high-end luxury cake boutique yet I was still……a struggling hobby cake biz owner pretending to have this wonderful business. 

When I made the decision to stop playing small, stop hobby business-ing, and step into a full-time cake biz owner, that meant changing the way I behaved.

Here are some things I NEVER do in my business which allows me to have the full-time business I currently have.

1.  Ask other cake designer’s what I should charge.

Empowered business women don’t look to others and ask, “Aye, what would you charge for this cake?”  That’s code word for, “I don’t have any idea how to charge my worth so let me ask someone what she thinks.” Operate your cake business knowing that you know how to price your cakes to make profits, meet your profit margins, and grow your cake business. 

Also, the other reason I don’t ask is cake designers’ have their own income range for what they charge which varies per designer. One designer charges around $5.00 per slice while one charges around $8.00 per slice. While another charges $3.00 and thinks that’s what she’s worth. 

Do you see cake designers who charge $12 per slice ask others what to charge? hmmm no… 

2.  Compare my Design Skills

I used to do this sooo much when I was getting my cake business off the ground. I would think, “She’s better than me.” “I wish I could do that.” “I’m not as good as (insert a designer).” 

And my cake confidence would plummet. 

Self worth = Net worth. 

Confidence is the key indicator on how much you believe in yourself and how much money you will make. 

See, cake designers you are ‘jealous’ of as examples for how you can improve your craft. You have no idea how many hours someone has practiced to get good at cake design. Most likely, they’ve practice way more than you in that particular skill set.

So, take the time to get better at your craft but never compare yourself. Comparison is the thief of joy. Celebrate your gifts and how talented you are. 

3.  Do it Alone.

I was trying to get my business off the ground…alone. And doing it alone means no one to guide you to the business you want. 

I got mentors and coaches who helped me rapidly get my cake business off the ground and to show me how to triple my volume, increase my bookings, and teach me how to master selling, my craft to be a much better business owner and cake designer. 

You don’t have to do it alone. Getting mentors and coaches help you take the fast track to the business you want. 

Think of it this way, if you are satisfied with where your business is headed. Cool. But if you don’t change anything, what will make your business different? 

If you don’t change and get help I can guarantee you your business will NEVER change. #realtalk

4.  Book Cakes I HATE designing or cakes I suck at creating.

There are some types of work I don’t like to do. Period.

I didn’t create a cake business to work on cakes I don’t like. I created a cake business to do the work I love. So when a client asks me to do a cake I know I wouldn’t do a great job at, I send her to another designer who is better at me in a certain skill level.

You don’t have to take on orders you don’t want to do. You have a choice to work on orders or not. 

These mental adjustments really helped me stop the hobby biz and own a full-time business. 

Is there an area listed that you currently do in your business? Comment Below and let me know!