dun dun dun……the final moment….

“So how much is the cake?”

You give the price.

“oh okay, well we have a few more tasting with some other bakeries, let me get back with you.”

*insert sad face emoji*

I could cry a small tear inside yet put my peppy smile on the outside and say, “okay sure!”

Not anymore.

I book 90% of the clients I see in person. The other 10% somehow slipped through the cracks because they were NOT an ideal client. 

At every consultation, I swipe the credit card and continue with the booking process.

And this is the way your business should be, not you sitting around hoping a client chooses you. 

Inside my Private FB Group, I did a live stream on How to Book More Clients at your Cake Consultation.

>>> Check out the Video Here

Cake bookings happen before the client emails you, before you meet, and at the cake consultation.

You only have one first impression.

Which is exactly what I cover in Attract High-End Clients Marketing Mastery

Attracting High-end Clients and pricing your cakes $1000+ doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens when you know how to individually quote each cake, you know how to operate your business like a high end designer, and when you know how to attract high end clients.

When you know how, you stop attracting budget cake clients, you stop guessing at cake quotes and you start to make profits on your cakes so you can grow your business and reach your income goals.

Check out the video so you learn exactly how to book more clients at your cake consultations!