I love watching cake businesses grow and watching cake designers I admire take their business’s to the next level.

It’s all that studying which allowed me understand how to get my business off the ground in such a short amount of time.

It also got me thinking about what separates cake designers who attract high end cake clients and those who don’t.

During my live workshop last week, Double your Bookings + Master the Cake Consultation which you can grab the replay now, I talked in detail about how you have to BE the high end cake designer and create a high end brand to attract those customers in.

High-end clients don’t plop into your business then BOOM, you have a high end cake brand.

If they did, you would already have them. #realtalk

You have to do a lot of small strategic steps that will separate your business from the rest of the competition into a high end brand.

Budget clients are attracted to your business because they actually believe youare the right cake designer for them.

There is something “budget” about your business they agree with. And something that repels high-end clients.

There are so many things you can do right now to transform your cake business to change the way you operate your bake business and BE the high end cake brand.

1. Photos Quality.

The images of your cakes means everything. That’s your product and your photos must look high-end, professional, and clean. The brightness, backdrop, quality of the photo can really take your business up a few notches.

Where are you taking photos of your cake? How are you editing your cake photos (or are you editing at all) ? Do your photos look professional like the event photographer took them?

Look into grabbing Lightroom my Adobe, some photo editing apps/programs to really clean up your photos. 

Photos can look yellow, too dark, lots of clutter in the background, just not look that great. 

You want your images to look FANTASTIC.

2. Your Website.

Your web presence is the number one place your potential clients “meet” you before they actually reach out to you. 

I’m about to review my Perfectly Price your Cakes Clients’ websites to change their business from budget brand to high-end next week!

Give an honest evaluation to your website and ask yourself, does this look high-end? Does my web presence look like a bride who wants to spend $1000+ with me? Does my website look professional?

Just be honest with yourself. That will really help you think about how you can change your web-presence so you can attract better paying clients.

3.  Business Relationships

Who do you mingle with in your industry? Do you have ANY relationships at all? 

Are you too scared or nervous to network with others in your area to take your business to the next level?

High-end Cake brands network with several professionals in their industry suchas high end planners, photographers, venues, florists, etc. And you want these people to refer their clients to YOU so you can book more clients and grow your cake business.

Do you know who the heavy-hitters are in your local area? The top planners, venues, vendors?  Those professionals refer their clients to the best cake designers. You want them to refer your business! 

Get out of your box and start to network with your industry. As soon as you know it, you will attract better paying clients and transform your brand.

I actually covered exactly how to use all of these steps plus 2.5 hours worth of content in my workshop I hosted last week, Double your Bookings + Master the Cake Consultation.

Being a high-end brand take lots of work on your end to attract the clients you really want to work with in to work with you.

Make the decision and decide to change the way you market and advertise your business. Being a high-end brand doesn’t matter what other cake designers think of you, it’s all about you attract clients who want to work with you exclusively.