It’s sooooo frustrating.

You want results.

You want to work on cakes every week and conduct consultations every week.

Yet, your results are wishy-washy.

On some weekends you are busy. Then on some weekends your cake business is a ghost town.

And you know what? I’ve totally been there. 

I would love the busy weekends, working on my cakes, loving my business. Then I would sit and think, “Where are the customers?!”

And there’s something you can totally do about your business growth.

I feel that business happens to those who proactively get out there and make the business happen for them. 

I used to rely on friends, family, word of mouth, and social media to get book cake orders.

When honestly, that’s not enough. 

For instance when you want to book more orders, you want to think about how you are going to reach MORE people who don’t know your business.

I used to think everyone KNEW about Aspen Charm when really, they didn’t. 

(I was famous in my head before everyone else knew)

I thought, “okay, how can MORE people know about my business who don’t know me yet?”

And that’s when I had to step outside my comfort zone and do new things in my business to increase my bookings.

I created a brand new mini-course: Increase your Bookings my 50% to give you 10+ ways for you to help you increase your bookings by doing NEW ways of getting business.

Being an entrepreneur, you gotta put your Hustle Boots on and get the business you want.

And then, after you’ve consistently marketed and advertised your business, that’s when business flows to you without you putting in much effort. 

Increase your Bookings by 50% will guide you to run your business as a full-time business instead of a hobby biz owner who books orders every so often.

After going through Increase your Cake Bookings Mini-Course you will:

  • Implement 10+ strategies to find new ways of booking cake orders, even getting reoccurring orders month after month.
  • Learn my TOP 3 BEST strategies for how I book orders for Aspen Charm that work like a charm (haha like that?!)
  • Understand why your marketing and advertising efforts aren’t enough and change that so you can book consistent orders.

And the best thing? This course is only $27.

Why $27? Cause I know how frustrating it can be to sit back, let time fly and not book the orders you want. 

Grab this now because the price will go up this week!


Remember, if you want the cake business you say you want, DO something about it!

Don’t let time fly by and expect business to land in your lap. 

With love and with sweet success to you!