So I know you are on the New Year Fix this month.

You want to change your cake business. Charge more for your cakes.

Attract Better Paying Clients in your Cake business. 

And I’ve shared with you that you can’t bring 2016 business practices into 2017 and get different results.

You have to change the way you think about yourself AND money (yes money!) to see a different change in your cake business.

When I decided to charge more for my cakes and attract better paying clients, I made a commitment to change me. 

Increase my confidence as an artist.

Believe in myself as a business owner. 

Know I can increase my prices and charge the prices I wanted to charge in my cake business.

So I decided to read.

Read and actually DO what the books told me what to do.

These are the books I have my clients in Attract High End Cake Clients Marketing Mastery & Perfectly Price your Cakes. 

These books will truly change the way you operate your cake business when you read and take action. 

These are my BEST books I’ve read that helped me change my cake business. 

1. Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Click here to get access to Denise's free Money Blocks Course which is AWESOME. Business owners have money blocks. Meaning you are blocking money from coming into your life with the beliefs you hold about money. And in order to make more money, you must remove the blocks to receive more. This book is AWESOME! Denise helps you remove your money blocks so you begin to work the same amount yet RECEIVE more money. 

After reading her book, I decided to work with Denise in her uber AMAZING program, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. Inside the Bootcamp I really changed my money mindset and easily received more money for selling less cakes and doing more “work”.

That’s how I can sell less cakes each money yet make more money. 

2. Think & Grow Right/Science of Getting Rich.

There’s a scientific way to make money. And if you think making money is the result of working hard, you are not applying the right principles to making money. These two books help you THINK your way into wealth. Making money is not…I will repeat….IS NOT the result of working hard. 

You’ve probably experienced that. You work sooooo hard in your cake business yet probably make $5-10 per hour. 

These books will give you the exact strategy to making money the right and easy way. Which is through your thinking. 

Trust me, thinking your way into wealth is the way to make money. Selling a bunch of $250 - $500 cakes will not make you rich. 

3. Steal Like an Artist

This book helped me to expand on my creativity as an artist. I used to feel so guilty “copying” different cake techniques. When really, everything is copied from one source or another.  If you are having problems creating your own cake designs and selling them, grab this book. It helped me release the guilt and shame of being an artist. 

4. You were Born Rich. 

Grab here. This program helped me understand why I wasn’t making the money I wanted and why I put up with charging the prices I was charging. Bob Proctor gives you an exact strategy to change your subconscious mind and change your results. 

Changing your cake business isn’t something you say you will do and then, not take action. Decide to change your cake business this year.

Attract High=End cake clients and doubling your cake orders can be the consistent way you operate your business month after month in 2017.

I just opened the doors to my new signature marketing course, Cake Marketing 101. 

In 10-weeks you will learn all of my high-end strategies:

  • Know where and how to attract the high-end clients you truly want to work with so stop attracting budget clients and only book clients who will pay premium pricing.

  • Create a high-end cake business that only attracts high-end clients who want to work with you but also work with your high-end local industry so they refer their business to you.

  • Discover how to book more clients on the spot at your cake consultations so fill your calendar with committed clients and be on your way to become a booked solid cake designer.

  • Begin to charge at least $800+ for every cake order you book so you finally have money to transform your cake business from a glorified hobby and into a premium cake business. 

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