One thing that I deeply feel separates the high-end cake designers and the cake designers who struggle to make a decent profit is originality.

Ever have a client come in who says, “I want this cake.” And you become an order taker and make that cake. 

Or you may do a slight variance on the cake to fit the serving size.  

But you didn’t really bring your artistic abilities out and create an edible piece of art.

To really separate yourself from the mass bakers and decorators and become a high-end designer is to sell your clients your cake vision for their big event. 

It’s one thing to follow trends but it’s another to not add your own creative spin on a cake.

Get into the habit of selling a client a cake YOU envisioned. 

Let your clients know you don’t make copy cakes. 

Brand yourself as a custom cake company where each cake is created for the client.

Clients who really appreciate your artistic ability pay for originality. They don’t pay to have an exact copy cake they found on Pinterest.