One thing I’ve noticed selling cakes is that it’s just as easy to sell a $150 cake as it is to sell a $1200.

In fact, it was soo hard trying to sell a cake for $450. I felt like I needed to almost convince the clients I was the cake designer to book with. 

I used to make selling cakes so hard.

Inside, I was HOPING, praying “Dear God” please have them book their cake with me!!!

But now, it doesn’t matter whatever what price point I sell cakes to my clients, I choose to make it easy. 

Selling higher end cakes doesn’t have to be hard. Because it’s not hard at all. 

You are just charging more for your cakes. 

How do I make selling higher end cakes easy?

1. I choose to make money be easy.

Everything in your cake business is a choice. Either make it hard or easy to grow your business. I choose to sell higher end cakes to be easy. 

As easy and simple as that sounds, it’s really THAT easy! Let go of any fears you have about selling cakes for premium pricing.

Money is money, it’s your belief attached to money that makes it hard. 

2. I only attract clients who will pay the prices I want.

Yes it includes website, menu, how pretty my cakes are. Yes that counts but I’ve done the work to attract high-end clients into my cake business so I know the clients I meet with during my cake consultation, I know will pay the prices I set. 

It’s not all about what’s on the outside to make your business “look good.” High-end clients don’t know you exist if you aren’t where they hang out. 

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3. I know what price point I will sell the cake BEFORE a customer meets with me. 

Before a client meets with me, I actually set a goal for how much I will sell the cake for. My mind has already made up my mind for how much money I will make at that cake consultation. You determine how much money you want to make in your cake business. 

Yes YOU. Not your customers, YOU! So go ahead a set an amount for how much money you want to make before the cake consultation. 

Choose to make growing your cake business by attracting high-end clients, consistently selling cakes for $8 - 12 per slice, and easily growing your business with customers constantly coming to you.

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