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I get it.

You need the money. 

THIS cake will help pay for that bill. 

THIS cake will help you financially. 

But deep down, you know good and well you need to DECLINE that order.

But you decide to take it anyways…..then you kick yourself for NOT saying no. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to take on every single cake order request that comes your way. 

You have permission to tell the potential customer, “No”, and move on your merry way.

What orders should you decline? 

I’m happy you asked!

Here are some examples of why you should decline an order. 

1.  Allergy and Dietary Requests.

I see this all the time in my Facebook community, “I need a recipe for this allergy/dietary requirements, what recipe should I use?” 

Look, you are messing with people’s LIVES and if you don’t know what you are doing, now isn’t the time to pretend like you know what to do. 

If Allergy/Dietary isn’t something you aren’t familiar with, it’s best that you put the spatula down, step away from the mixing bow, and say NO. 

Plus, I wouldn’t want to be held liable because in this country where people are willing to sue over….anything!

Do yourself a favor and don’t go there. 

2.  Cakes you aren’t skilled at……yet.

Ya know, I HATE (yes it’s a strong word) making cakes I’m not that great at making. 

If there’s a cake skill that you just aren’t that great at making and you are telling the customer you can make it, you are seriously putting a lot of pressure on yourself to perform at a level you might not be playing at yet.

If you aren’t comfortable making a certain type of cake design, then it might be best to practice the skill on your own time so you are confident in selling that vision to a customer. 

Yes I do believe in stretching your skills as a cake designer but if you aren’t confident you can deliver what is promised to the customer, don’t do it!

Plus you would easily say YES to the order instead of hesitating to take it. 

3.  Replica Cakes

Kristina s Portraits-Kristina s Portraits-0198.jpg

These are the worst in my opinion. There’s so much pressure to pretty much duplicate a cake that’s already been made…especially when you’ve never made that type of design before. 

Replicating cakes is a fine line of pleasing the customer and becoming a standard decorator instead of a designer. 

Plus, if the cake doesn’t come out exactly what the original cake looks like, it can be a very ugly situation…which I’ve encountered before. 

Set the right expectations with your customers about creating more original work in your cake business. This way, you are more comfortable designing a cake created by you, instead of a dupe of someone else’s creativity. 

4. Pain in the Ass Customers.

We’ve all dealt with them. Usually they are budget clients, usually they are bridezillas….and usually they didn’t pay you enough for the cake. 

These customers just need a good ole refund or decline and send them on their way to a designer who will put up with them. 

If a customer is a pain in the butt, it’s really not worth the money. 

Your energy is being drained, you are annoyed at that customer….and those two are effecting your sales. 

Simply tell the customer that you aren’t the best fit and decline the order. 

You will be 100% glad you did!

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Are there client orders you decline in your cake business? 

Comment below because I’d love to learn what else to add to my trusty list! 


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