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A few months ago, I chatted with you about 4 cake orders you need to decline ASAP and it was one of my most popular newsletter topics ever! You can read that article here: Please Decline these Cake Orders Part 1.

And you know what? 

I have more cake orders you need to decline in your cake business.

I love talking about this because I’ve been there MULTIPLE times. 

You want to make more money, you want to grow your business, you want to get your cake orders, but you just aren’t sure about some orders and if you want to take them on in your cake business.

Besides listening to your intuition, you ignore it and you are working on a cake order you are dreading and you can’t wait until you complete it and hand it over to the customer. 

Now, why do we start businesses taking on orders that make us feel like crap, not our zone of genius, or need to take it because “I need the money?” Sounds like we hired another job and we are the boss we are starting to loathe. 

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to take on every cake order request that comes through your door.

You can say NO. 

Yes, you can graciously decline and EXPECT more cake orders you want to make to come into your business.

That’s the thing.

You have to think that what you want is out there, not settle for what you get. 

Whenever I settled, it was always the scraps and bottom of the barrel. And while I was grateful for every cake order I booked, I knew I created a business to do EXACTLY what I loved instead of something I tolerated. 

It’s all a decision. 

Make the decision to focus your energy on booking orders you love instead of giving your attention to orders you don’t want to create. 

Okay, let’s dive into the next orders you should decline. 

1. Super Duper Late Orders.

This one does vary on how busy you are in your cake business and if you have the time and space to take on another cake order. Just due to my personality, I can’t stand anything last minute. I like knowing ‘things’ beforehand.

So, if you truly don’t have the time to work on a cake order at the last minute, just decline it. It’s doing yourself a favor and saving stress of trying to complete yet another order in your already booked up schedule. 

If you feel you can fit it in, go ahead and take the order. Listen to your intuition. 

2. Cakes against your Beliefs.

ooooh touchy subject! And yes, some cake businesses have been sued for this….but here’s my take. There are some cakes that just go against what you believe outside your cake business and I feel you don’t need to take those orders just because a customer asked you to. 

For me, those are the nasty bachelorette/bachelor cakes. I would feel SUPER uncomfortable creating a cake like and that’s just how I feel about it. If it goes against your beliefs, ingredients you don’t favor, or you are uncomfortable making the order, I say decline it. 

But then again, the choice is up to you!

3. The Customer wants a Deal or Discount.

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From friends of friends, customer has a low budget, you know you are undercharging for that cake order, I’d say it’s best to decline.

Most of the time, when we book a cake order and we know we aren’t charging our worth, we start to resent the cake order. And it’s showing the universe that you are completely okay with not charging your worth. 

Draw the line for how low you will book a cake order for and stick with it!

There’s a cake designer out there who will charge $1.50 per slice, let them go there. (and that better not be you! ;-) )

4. Cakes and ‘Things” you just hate Making. 

We all have these types of orders. You loathe making them. Or you mentally roll your eyes for some cakes. Either pregnant belly cakes, cakes with alcohol bottles in them, dessert tables, cake pops, mini-cupcakes, carved cakes, buttercream cakes, just decline them. 

Why? Because you created a cake business you want to LOVE…which should be filled with doing what you LOVE to do.

Adding negative energy in your cake business makes your cake business a drag and that’s not what a business should be about. 

When you learn to decline orders you can’t stand, you are drawing the line in the sand and saying yes to MORE orders you want to book!

Don’t create a business where you really aren’t excited about it, it’s like creating a job you don’t want to go to on a daily basis. Create a business you love filled with what you love, not a job with stuff you tolerate. 

To fill your cake schedule and have a Booked Solid Cake Business, your business needs strategy, the confidence and the marketing to fill your schedule with committed customers who want to book their cake with you!

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I’m loving the conversation on cake orders to decline! Any more cake orders I need to add to the list? 

Comment below and let me know!