About 3 months ago, I was doing my usual Facebook scrolling and I stumbled upon a post and for some crazy reason, I got super jealous of this cake designer. 

Now, I am 100% aware that there will always be cake designers more talented than me, which I am perfectly okay with. That doesn’t bother me at all. I have bigger fish to fry.

Instead, this situation was a business millstone they achieved. As for me, that same goal was still on my goal list that I haven’t acted on yet…let alone achieved. 

So I decided to investigate why I was jealous of this cake designer. 

And I quickly identified that cake designer designer to act of her goal and make it a reality. While for me, I didn’t do ANYTHING to make it happen. 

ah, here come the excuses. 

There are some things that i know i am fully capable of doing and achieving in my cake business but I had an entire slew of reasons why. 
1. It wasn’t the right time yet. 
2. I don’t have the money.
3. I have too much on my plate. 

Being jealous is healthy for your personal development. (yes!)

Being jealous usually uncovers what area you are ignoring within yourself that another cake designer fully owns.

You are witnessing exactly what you are fully capable of achieving yet you are choosing NOT to go for it. 

There are tons of cake designers who’ve decided to stop charging low for their cakes and now freely and easily charging $1000+ (yes thousands) for their cakes. 

There are tons of cake designers who created some pretty crappy cakes and now make the most beautiful cakes. 

There are tons of cake designers who have a booming and successful business after YEARS of struggling financially to make ends meet.

If you know you have some excuses as to why you have’t experienced the success you’ve wanted, how bad do you really want your life and business to change?

The cake business you keep working towards is 100% within your reach but it will require you to become a different person to have a different level of success. 

When you realize that cake designers who have the success you want aren’t that different than you are, you take them off the pedestal and hustle for what’s yours. 

No one is more talented than you, or has more of what it takes to win in this cake world.

You are capable of having the business you want, charging the prices you want, and building the business of your dreams. 

Is now the time to go after it?

Stop spoon feeding yourself reasons why you don’t have the business you want. 

When you are 100% ready to leave your excuses in the dust and to exponentially grow your cake business to new heights, I am here to help you achieve that. 

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You have to let me guide you to make that happen. 

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Inside Cake Marketing 101, you will:

Kristina s Portraits-Kristina s Portraits-0249.jpg
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