I was standing in the Apple Store, working and selling business accounts while I was mentally day dreaming away wanting to quit my job and become a cake designer full time. 

After months and months of planning, prepping, and getting the nerve, I quit my job, moved to Toronto, and enrolled at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts to learn how to become a cake designer. 

And from there, my journey started on being a full-time entrepreneur, running a cake design business. 

I see this question asked sooo many times inside my cake community, the Cake & Success Society, about how to quit your job and run your cake business full-time. 

And full-time I mean, earn a full-time income. Income that pays the BILLS - real bills like rent, insurance, groceries. 

After being an entrepreneur for 5 years, here are my best tips for knowing when and how to quit your job to run your business full-time. 

1. Make a decision to quit - then burn options B-Z.

Make your mind up, and decide you will quit. This is different than hem-hawing, asking others what they did, thinking, calculating, playing around with the idea, so forth. After you’ve done the above, you will come to a cross roads and decide you will QUIT and the details will fill in later. 

As humans, we need to know every single detail to make a decision. But, you honestly won’t know the details until you’ve made the decision to quit. 

Once you decide you will quit, have a date when you will quit, the universe will start to help you out to get you ready to make your decision. 

2. Know exactly how much money you need to support yourself = how much profit you need to make each month.

And don’t sell yourself short thinking you need less than what you really need. If you truly need $5K then that’s how much money you need to bring into your cake business AFTER expenses - not just sales. 

This is profit. 

You need to know these numbers so you have a star to aim at each month. 

3. Bring in the business now before you quit. 

A lot of entrepreneurs think that since if they have the free time to quit, they will then work on marketing, advertising, and networking to bring in their cake orders. 

Makes sense right?! But this is backwards. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Kristina s Portraits-Kristina s Portraits-0025.jpg

You have to develop the work ethic, sales strategies, confidence, the consistent money flow, and the money mindset to operate a business with or without your part-time, full-time job. 

You can do this while working your job now so you are more confident to quit.

A lot of entrepreneurs quit then see they have to figure out the above without the customers. That’s what I did. 

Which boat do you want to be in? I’d say nail get your customer base up so it’s easier for you to quit with a steady flow of income coming in vs. making $2K a month when you really need $5K a month and no idea how to make that happen. 

4. Trust that you will be Okay no matter what. 

Instead of thinking of the worse of the worse, trust that you will always have everything you need, the universe/God will always supply for you and that you will be okay no matter what. 

Quitting your job is probably the scariest thing to do which can attract fear. Instead of giving fear your attention, give faith your attention instead. 

This is easier said than done but it’s required to keep your business going full-time. Build the mindset, the confidence, and the knowing that you will bring in the money. 

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Now, these are just a few tips and strategies to consider before you quit your job. I have TONS more! Stay tuned to the blog to learn more strategies and advice to help you quit your job pronto!