I see this all the time in my private Facebook Community, the Cake & Success Society…

Staying up til 2am every weekend, stressed about an order they didn’t prepare ahead of time for, questioning how to make a cake they have no idea creating AFTER telling a customer they could, lack of sleep, NEVER enough time….

And it’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself week after week. 

Sure you may take a week off to relax but after that, it’s back to the same ol’ grind.

Some cake designers pride themselves on WORKING HARD, staying up late consistently….

Oh by the way, those cake designers are barely making enough money month after month.

Does working hard in your business = more money? If so, you should be a consistent 6-Figure earner by now.

You need to flip your priorities around because they are STRESSING YOU OUT! 

Take time to take care of you. YOU. You are the #1 priority in your cake business and if you aren’t taken care of, then the rest of your business suffers.

Yes, you are grinding in your cake business. Yes you have to complete these orders. But when will it ever be enough? When will you put yourself first?

If you don’t make time for you and your business, everything will come at an expense, your sleep, your well-being, your creativity, your spirit….and sooner or later, your health will take a downturn. 

Make it a priority to put yourself first in your business and you will see your business explode because you are taking care of you. 

you have to make this your #1 priority!

Are you making this a priority?