Take a look at your cake brand.

Do you love it?

Think it’s meh…okay?

Does your logo/name probably resemble the 10+ other cake businesses that have similar branding?? 

Your brand is everything and can dictate the kind of customers that come into your business. 

I’m on my 3rd baking company.

Before I launched Aspen Charm Cakes, I wanted to have the right branding to attract a certain client. 

But, I’ve gone through some rebranding to really attract a certain clientele and distract other clients I didn’t want to do business with. 

Here are some key areas for what and how you should rebrand your cake business. 


Your website is EVERYTHING. The image of your cake business is all in your website and customers can tell a lot about you, your prices, and your cake business alone just from your website.

If you were a client who was willing to pay $8 - 12 CONSISTENTLY, would she be attracted to your website?

Take an honest look at your website and take a look at it from the customer’s point of view. 



Your work truly attracts WHO you want to work with, and I’ve found that when your portfolio has a certain “look” you are attracting clients who want to experience your cakes at their event. 

When I took a honest look at my cakes, I immediately got busy becoming a better designer because my cakes looked like cakes budget clients would buy. 

This is also why I studied with Maggie Austin this past April because I was very honest with myself, I needed to become better as a designer who consistently charges $1200+ for cakes....my skills were kinda slipping!

Take a hard look at your work and ask yourself, “Would a client who wants to pay $8 - 12 per slice want these cakes? Do my cakes scream expensive?” If not, go back to the drawing board and PRACTICE.


Business cards, logos, marketing hand-outs, pamphlets, banners, Info Guides, menus……all of these miscellaneous marketing marketing materials all add up to the type of cake brand you truly are! 

Wait, do you even have these items in your cake business ??

If your marketing materials look cheap or your business cards are on cheap card-stock….what does that say about your brand and the business you want to attract? 

The smallest details add up to the biggest results. 

When you pay attention to detail, people notice. Don’t turn a blind eye to this, make it all count!

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What's one way you can think of to transform your cake business into a high-end cake business? I'd love to know in the comments below!