In 2016, all except 1 cake I’ve sold has been over $1000. More around $1200 average. 

Side note, that 1 cake that didn’t sell for over $1000 was when I slipped into a lack mentality, thinking I needed to charge low to book my next customer after a small dry spell. It happens to me too.

But, this isn’t to brag at all. It’s to show you what’s possible for your cake business. 

Just back in 2014, I operated my cake business full time. It’s been a super bumpy road, but I’ve managed to continually raise my prices, have multiple streams of cake income enter my business, and work with the best brides and clients EVER.

Clients who appreciate my work, who let me have a wide range of creative abilities, and pay the prices I want to charge. 

What I’ve done to get my cake orders above $1000 is:

1.  Know my cakes and my TIME are worth that amount. My time is very valuable AND I value myself as an artist. 

Time is money and if you don't value it, your clients will pay you exactly how you value it.

2.  I ignored everything in my business I hated. Instead I focused more on what I LOVE in my cake business and attracted more of that in.

3.  I got waaay better at my marketing to attract better paying clients into my cake business. Marketing means you exposing your business to people who don’t know your business. I got a clear marketing plan together and I focused on perfecting attracting high-end clients to my cake business. 
No matter what you currently charge in your cake business, you can always charge more for your cakes. It doesn't matter what city you live in, how long you've been in business, or even your past undercharging failures.

To go from $3.50 to $20 does take careful planning, a marketing game plan, how to consistently book better and better clients, and changing my entire cake business to get exactly what I want. 


While working with me, I will know you, your business, and get you on the right path of earning the money you deserve. Cake Marketing 101 will teach you how to stop undercharging, double your cake bookings, and consistently charge $8 - 12 per slice. 

Inside Cake Marketing 101, you will:


  • Easily and effortlessly charge $8 - 12 per slice for every cake you sell, feeling financially supported in your cake business to finally get your cake business off the ground.
  • Be the go-to cake designer the top wedding professionals in your area will consistently refer their high-end clients to you, easily growing your business through referrals.
  • Stand out from the local competition with your high-end, luxe cake brand that high-end clients will flock to.
  • Double your cake bookings using proven marketing and advertising strategies to fill your cake calendar, charging your worth.
  • Plus everything you need to consistently attract high-end clients into your cake business in 5 weeks!